Poppy's Adventures

Exploring our magical region

Come and explore with Poppy!


I’ve made it into the finals! Woohoo! Would really appreciate it if you could view this video, as the one with the highest views will win 🙂


Poppy is a beautiful fairy who is trying to find somewhere nice to live, so she goes searching for just the right place! On her travels she finds a magical region called South Canterbury! It looks amazing with HUGE mountains, lots of playgrounds and a clean beach all within an arms reach. Poppy goes exploring to discover what else is around this wonderful region… Come and join poppy on her adventure!


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11 responses to “Come and explore with Poppy!

  1. Lisa Hull says:

    Well done Hayley thats awesome Good Luck From Lisa & Missy

  2. Linda says:

    Congratulations Hayley for what you have achieved so far. I really hope it goes well, you deserve it for all the work you have done and for being so passionate about Timaru. All the best, from Linda.

    • Hayley says:

      Thank you Linda for your support, It was so much hard work on top of working 2 jobs! The late nights and the bags under my eyes in the morning has proven to be a big success! I have had so much positive feed back and people are really taking a look at Timaru in a different light, It’s a beautiful place and we are sooo lucky to be here in amongst it! xoxox

  3. Madeline says:

    This video is amazing! It is such an inspiration to want to come back to Timaru after living in the Outback of Australia. Timaru really is a BEAUTIFUL place with a lot to offer for everyone.
    Well done Hayley you have done a great job of the whole project!
    Good Luck!!

    • Hayley says:

      That is such a lovely thing to say! I have been overwhelmed with the support from people, local business, friends and family! I am super glad that after seeing poppy’s story that it makes you want to come back! Hopefully you will!!
      Thank you soo much! xox

  4. grade1apis says:

    Hayley, what a wonderful advocate for timaru you are! I love my home town so much. After living in California, Korea, Kuwait, and Thailand (and loving all if those countries) nothing compares to the charm of our Timaru. We will be moving back later this year! Thank you for helping remind us how great it will be to come home.

  5. Bronya says:

    Well done, lovely wee video.

  6. Rosalind McEwan-Wenlock says:

    Hi Hayley, video, called Poppy’s Adventures is fabulous, what a fantastic way to see Timaru and the surrounding areas through your video, we just loved it, well done.

    • poppyseed88 says:

      Thank you! My wee sister (poppy) was my inspiration she looks at everything in such a beautiful way. We don’t need all the mod cons and huge, crazy malls when we have all this magic around us in S.C. we are really blessed here! Every view counts so thank you so much! LOVE x

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